Oakland officials, from the mayor on down, are responsible for the Ghost Ship fire

To the editor: Cities are responsible for the safety of their residents. Enforcing rules on smoke detectors, sprinklers and enclosed stairwells are examples of that. Allowing people to live in unsafe conditions, ignoring the dangers of illegal conversions …
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First Ski Holiday In 2011

First Ski Holiday In 2011
The ski season in Europe, the U.S. and Canada is well underway, and millions of skiers will be hitting the slopes – some for the first time – in the next few months.

For people who haven’t been before, the first thing to consider is destination – and there’s plenty of first class ski holiday destinations to choose from.

In Europe one of the best locations for new skiers is Andorra – there’s good ski schools and plenty of slopes that are good for beginner and intermediate skiers to enjoy themselves on.

The most obvious choice for Europeans is France – over half of all ski holidays taken by the British are in France – and the Pyrenees and Alps offer a wide choice of skiing, and price ranges.

For those on a budget the choice used to be Andorra, and Andorra built her reputation as a cheap ski holiday destination in the 1980’s and 90’s, but Andorra has moved upmarket in recent years, spending millions on good hotels and first class skiing facilities in a bid to attract those who might head elsewhere.

The 2011 budget destination is Bulgaria.

In the U.S. and Canada there are, like Europe, a multitude of choices, but the best known ones that have all the facilities a skier would possibly want are:

Lake Louise, Whistler, Banff and Jasper for Canada ski holidays.

And for the U.S. Aspen in Colorado, along with Breckenridge, Lake Tahoe and Vail offer new and established skiers alike a great choice of accommodation and infrastructure.

Along with which destination, another important factor is which company to travel with. Those with experience include Thomson, Thomas Cook, Crystal Ski and First Choice.

Whichever company you choose, and destination you decide upon, if this is your first time we hope you have a good ski holiday – it could become a regular thing!

Novice skiers looking for information about French ski holidays can visit yourandorra.com who include up to date details for 2011 ski holidays

Access to Andorra is often via Barcelona, and the site carries reviews for some of the hotels in Barcelona close to the airport.

Over three years, boy, his father and grandfather all killed in one Oakland neighborhood

A man who urged an end to violence in Oakland after gunfire killed his son and grandson as they slept three years ago became a victim himself this week as he drove near a street memorial for his slain family. Melvin Johnson, 39, was shot and killed Tuesday …
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Cross country skiing

Cross country skiing

Cross country skiing is a popular winter sport and is carried out in many countries including Lapland. Cross country skiing is a sport where skiers travel across snow covered tracks using skis attached to boots and poles.  Cross country skiing is often described as Nordic skiing and in places like Lapland there are miles of tracks which are floodlit in the winter days and evenings.

The skies for cross country skiing are longer and narrower than for downhill skiing and the tip of the cross country skies is turned upwards more than in downhill skis.  The boots are specially designed to ensure the ski snaps into the ski comfortably and the boots are actually more like walking boots and are much more comfortable to wear than downhill skiing boots.

Most cross country skiing is done on prepared tracks and these tracks are usually ideal for beginners and expert skiers.  Typical ski tracks will include uphill and downhill ski tracks and a middle section where more experienced skiers can overtake novices.  The tracks will vary between easy, moderate to the more challenging.  The running action where the skis are parallel is the most common action, using the poles to propel the skier across the snow.  More experienced skiers will use the diagonal actions where each ski alternatively is kicked out side wards in order to gain more speed. When travelling downhill the skier will have the skis about half a meter apart, legs bent slightly and pole lifted to the side. Most people think speeds cannot be reached with cross country skiing but actually on certain tracks speeds are quite fast.

Cross country skiing is not just confined to designated tracks and much skiing is carried out across frozen lakes and other areas. Cross country skiing is a real fitness boost but also great fun and a good alternative to downhill skiing.

Children are often very good at cross country skiing as with downhill skiing they take to it remarkably well. Boots and equipment can be hired for a small fee and children are usually well catered for. In Lapland cross country skiing is common place and it is normal to see many locals skiing down to the supermarket or other places.  Skiing over a frozen lake is surreal and very enjoyable especially under the half light of the twilight in the winter months and then when you are hungry; you can stop off and have a well earned bite to eat and a drink.

Just Lapland offer cabin rental in Lapland as well as advice and information on holidays to Lapland. http://www.justlapland.com

As illegal warehouse living flourished, Oakland struggled to enforce safety rules — until the Ghost Ship fire

This city has long been known as the industrial and trading hub of the Bay Area, dotted with shipping depots, armories as well as many old warehouses and shuttered manufacturing facilities. And it’s no secret that as rents skyrocketed, some of those …
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Snowboarding versus Skiing

Snowboarding versus Skiing

When someone is interested in learning the basics of skiing or snowboarding, but they are not able to decide between the two, then they need to take the help of experienced winter sports experts who will be able to guide them properly. Both snowboarding and skiing are equally fascinating and thrilling to perform, but they are certain differences between both of them.

In skiing one can the help of poles on either side and then use these to slide down the snow. In the case of snowboarding one will not have the help of a pole to slide down the slope; instead one will have to kneel down to a level that will afford inertia to slide down the snow. These are the basic differences between the two exciting means of sliding down the snow.

With respect to the bodily injuries that can be sustained while learning either of the two types, snowboarding typically causes more injuries to the wrists while skiing will cause more injuries to the knees. Snowboarding doesn’t commonly cause injury to the knee. When someone is learning snowboarding then the best type of snow surface will be a powdery snow surface which will enable the person to smoothly slide down the powdery surface. For a person skiing, the best possible snow surface will be an icy surface with a lot of solid ice rather than a powdery surface. But in both the cases the learner has to be careful when getting up after they have fallen into the snow surface.

If someone is looking for just speed and get some thrill by sliding down the snow at great velocity, then skiing will be right option for them. Snowboarding requires a lot of experience and practice to gain speed. It requires a lot of edging and curling to gain speed. Even then an experienced person in snowboarding cannot beat an experienced person in skiing when both the persons race against each other. The prime reason is that skiing gets the thrust from both the poles and the hip of the human body.  Snowboarders get thrust only from human propulsion.

People who are well versed in skiing and want to learn snowboarding can do it faster as they have already learnt the basics of sliding down the snow and only have to learn the tricks. But during the initial stages of the learning curve one has to carefully learn all the routines required to perform snowboarding effectively. Whatever be one’s skill level, one has to learn from an experienced source.

Claire Jarrett is writing on behalf of SnowSkool, who offer ski instructor courses and snowboard instructor courses

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Enlighten Your Ski Holidays

Enlighten Your Ski Holidays

There is a French brand called Moncler, which major in producing ski jackets and coats. This brand has been in the clothes making industry for quite a long time, since they were founded in 1960s, and in the early time of their business most of their products were offered to the professional ski teams, and have got huge success.

With the fashionable outlook these jackets can bring to you, you will be noticed by people around you. That is why the special made Moncler women ski jacket is definitely the must-have item in winter. These jackets are well-designed; you can easily find that if you watch closely at the lining of these jackets. The great efforts of designed can ensure the quality of the clothes, so that they won’t be torn up by accident when you are enjoying your sports.

The designers from this brand do a lot to make sure their products can show the combination of colors and also styles, and finally they have made it. When you browse the catalogues of the Moncler jacket, you will absolutely feel excited with their fantastic collections. Besides that the designers have made plenty of collections to the market, so that we can find the one that can totally fit our favorite, no matter what kind of colors or styles you want. I think that is why this brand is so popular right now.

It is the feather closest to the skin and grows from a quill but does not have the hard quill shaft of the outer feathers. The most well-know material for the ski jackets is down. Down is the soft, fluffy under-feathering of all waterfowl, including geese and ducks. In the Moncler clothing, you can find this material easily.

We can not ignore what is good for kids. When choosing Moncler children ski jackets, it is crucial to take into account all the factors which have been mentioned. Whilst the features of a kid’s ski jacket are often the most important factors, kids can be looked pretty when they are dressed up by their parents.


We can not ignore what is good for kids. When choosing Moncler children ski jackets, it is crucial to take into account all the factors which have been mentioned. Whilst the features of a kid’s ski jacket are often the most important factors, kids can be looked pretty when they are dressed up by their parents.