Enjoyment of skiing

Enjoyment of skiing

Pick up the skis, put on Spyder outlet ski clothes, snow in the ski world experience the beauty of winter. Skiing as one of the most stylish outdoor sports and became indispensable in winter recreation experience. With the coming of December, so many international ski resort begin to open its doors. And so many city where have been snow, officially entered the “ski” moment, the other three major ski resorts are preparing for, and will be opened up to this week.


Warmer temperatures generally by the impact of the North this year, Taiyuan City, the delay in several large ski resorts open. Kowloon, a ski person in charge of Spyder outlet said: “Normally at this time, ski tour has begun in full swing, and snow this winter are not under the terms of the current ski area opened for the existence of some difficulties.”


Has been Kaimennake ski official told reporters, because almost every day, melt 1 / 10 of the snow, and one at noon, from the edge of melting snow road signs there, so they have to spend enormous human and material resources while snow side of the “make snow.”


It is understood that this winter, several ski resorts in so many city, Spyder ski suits and ski facilities, such as investment in a substantial increase compared to previous years. With the increasing popularity of skiing, the audience population ages are expanding, and many families have three generations of Qi Ye Sun battle, for this year’s ski resorts have increased the number of coaches, Wulong skiing is also considering adding a single board projects.


Meanwhile, other ski resorts also repeated a style all their own, the combination of skiing and other tourism projects, the introduction of food trip skiing, ski tours spa, ski shop tour and so on, trying to Taiyuan in the winter, visitors to the ski offer a feast for the senses