Snowboarding versus Skiing

Snowboarding versus Skiing

When someone is interested in learning the basics of skiing or snowboarding, but they are not able to decide between the two, then they need to take the help of experienced winter sports experts who will be able to guide them properly. Both snowboarding and skiing are equally fascinating and thrilling to perform, but they are certain differences between both of them.

In skiing one can the help of poles on either side and then use these to slide down the snow. In the case of snowboarding one will not have the help of a pole to slide down the slope; instead one will have to kneel down to a level that will afford inertia to slide down the snow. These are the basic differences between the two exciting means of sliding down the snow.

With respect to the bodily injuries that can be sustained while learning either of the two types, snowboarding typically causes more injuries to the wrists while skiing will cause more injuries to the knees. Snowboarding doesn’t commonly cause injury to the knee. When someone is learning snowboarding then the best type of snow surface will be a powdery snow surface which will enable the person to smoothly slide down the powdery surface. For a person skiing, the best possible snow surface will be an icy surface with a lot of solid ice rather than a powdery surface. But in both the cases the learner has to be careful when getting up after they have fallen into the snow surface.

If someone is looking for just speed and get some thrill by sliding down the snow at great velocity, then skiing will be right option for them. Snowboarding requires a lot of experience and practice to gain speed. It requires a lot of edging and curling to gain speed. Even then an experienced person in snowboarding cannot beat an experienced person in skiing when both the persons race against each other. The prime reason is that skiing gets the thrust from both the poles and the hip of the human body.  Snowboarders get thrust only from human propulsion.

People who are well versed in skiing and want to learn snowboarding can do it faster as they have already learnt the basics of sliding down the snow and only have to learn the tricks. But during the initial stages of the learning curve one has to carefully learn all the routines required to perform snowboarding effectively. Whatever be one’s skill level, one has to learn from an experienced source.

Claire Jarrett is writing on behalf of SnowSkool, who offer ski instructor courses and snowboard instructor courses

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