Colorado Skiing Underway

Colorado Skiing Underway

Colorado is one of the world’s most popular ski resorts, practically unrivalled in America, it is home to the notoriously glamorous and loved Aspen. Yet over the summer this market diminishes due to the poor snow conditions.

In some respect Colorado becomes barren of tourists, and it doesn’t seem the locals seem to mind, visitors bring in enough money over the peak season to ensure their presence is not missed over the summer. Though many tourists, and some that rely on the tourist trade will be pleased to hear that many resorts are due to open early this year.

Most years this would be premature and is a very rare occurrence, yet recent weather conditions have made early opening viable for many of the slopes in the area. A recent and unexpected snow storm has sufficiently powdered the mountains here, providing great ski and snowboarding conditions, and this is hoped to bring many visitors who will be keen to part with their money.

The businesses here are hoping that the season will soon pick up, in spite of the tough financial conditions, ski and snow activities have always been a stalwart in American recreation. Over the last two years hotel bookings have taken a plummet as more slender means have lead holiday makers to stay closer to home or opt for more modest holidays. Yet there has been a silver lining to those selling their houses in the region as these properties have become sought after as investment properties as holiday homes.

Colorado rentals are becoming among the most coveted in the country. Austerity often leads to delayed self luxuriating, with many that have opted for deprived holidays the previous year opting to return to a favoured spot and it is hoped by many the ski resorts that this will be the case here.

The resorts have accordingly spent the funds they can spare on improving their product, therefore we see an increase in the quality of the facilities, new ski lifts for instance make ascending the mountain a much less arduous experience. The industry is also hoping to get a hand from Mother Nature herself. So far so good in this respect, Mother Nature has already been ample in her blanketing of the slopes with thick powder, which will be to the delight of any committed skier or snowboarder.

Furthermore a predicted La Nina could bring even more snow to the mountains offering some of the best ski conditions in America.

Aspen has long since been the most notorious ski setting in the state, yet it is not limited to that resort. While Aspen brings in many of the glamorous with its fancy cocktail bars and notorious high prices, there are also a number of slopes and mountains offering Colorado snow, but for a much less steep price.

For instance try Snow Mass, it may not be as quickly beautiful as Aspen, but it nonetheless contains some great ski spots. Throughout America there are a great number of ski resort, with Mt Baker popular among those in the know, and Lake Tahoe for those in search of great views.

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Ski Boat Accessories

Ski Boat Accessories
There are various types of the ski boat accessories that you can choose from the market. It is quite familiar and predictable that ski boat is quite expensive and adding some additions are not going to save your money. There are some accessories which are quite essential, whereas some are just fancy high-end items which increase the value of your boat. Whether you require the necessary items or unnecessary fancy high-end accessories, it is no doubt that they are highly available in the market.
Amongst the several ski boat accessories, the most essential accessory is swim platform. At the stern of the boat, this device is attached so that you do not need to jump or climb over the one side of your boat in order to get into the water. This swimming platform makes everything convenient for swimmer or skier by conveniently sliding in to the water with straight skis attached.
Another useful ski accessory is ladder which is mounted on to the swim platform in order to get you back from the water. Obviously, you would like to return if you are swimming from long time, and skiing perhaps for hours. This is where these ladders are essential which make everything easier.
Another ski accessory, which is of, utmost importance is wakeboard tower, which helps a wake boarder to come up on the surface of the water. It is usually necessary as the ski boat picks up speed. This accessory is quite essential, and it is connected to the top of the ski pole. The ski rope is then tied tightly to the top of the wake board tower. When the boat picks up speed, the ski rope pulls upwards as well as forwards on the wake boarder which helps you in getting on the surface of water quickly.
Rear-view mirror to see whether skier has dropped out or not is, extremely much necessary for a driver of the boat. Mostly, the drivers use a spotter in order to know whether skier is coming along or has dropped out, but these spotters usually are not able to figure out so quickly in the jet speed. Hence, a rear-view mirror to have a careful eye on skier is indeed of much importance for a driver of a boat, and therefore, it becomes an essential ski boat accessory.
In order to protect your ski boat from dust, and various dents, as well as, to keep it neat, clean and tidy, it is essential to cover it after its use. This is where this ski cover accessory comes in use. There are diverse ranges from small and medium to bigger ones, depending on the size of your ski boat.
Propellers are used in order to keep your boat engine working under recommended rpm range and allow your engine to apply maximum horsepower to the water. There are different styles of propellers in the market available, but determining the correct size and style which suits your boat is quite essential. The legend interior space incorporates perfectly spacious room for you and your crew members. It is an addition to your convenience, after all convenience is what matters during any journey. There are many dealers, which can help in getting the perfect legend interior space for your ski boat.
There are many other fancy ski boat accessories that are truly not required but they affect the value and overall look of your boat, which can amaze anyone when you head for your journey on water.

It is important to buy boat accessories that suit the sort of boat you are buying. They help you get more enjoyment rom your boat. You can find many online boat accessories websites with the latest parts these day.

Skiing holidays

Skiing holidays

Skiing holidays have always been fun. Enjoying the snow while on holiday and warmly cuddling up in the evenings after the day’s entertainment has always appealed to the many guests that frequent hundreds of ski resorts annually. Club Med, being one of the world’s leading ski operators have revamped eight of their ski resorts in Europe alone in the past three years. Offering their guests the best value ski experience in Europe, the refined resorts and all inclusive packages is what has made Club Med a household name.


With all of its wonderful fully inclusive packages spread across the world, you can now enjoy skiing holidays virtually any time of the year. Take advantage of the fully inclusive packages and enjoy the feeling of freedom as you enjoy your vacation without worrying about breaking the budget.

In ski domains where there are numerous Club Med resorts such as the Espace Killy and Les 3 Vallees resorts, the guests are free to stop over, relax and refuel at any Club Med in their area. In the valleys where skiers are unable to ski between resorts, delicious lunches are included at certain restaurants on the mountain. This gives guests the freedom and prerogative to ski to their own schedule while still being able to enjoy the famous international specialty restaurants included at all of Club Med’s resorts.


There are many different options when it comes to Club Med holidays and packages. Best Beach will be best able to help you with deciding on which skiing holidays will be best for you and your family. They will take care of all the arrangements for you, and have you only need to pitch up for your dream holiday. Their staff compliment is dedicated to helping you plan the best holiday you and your family have ever been on.


Skiing holidays

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Skiing Information

Skiing Information

Are you looking for a classic winter sport to participate in? Then skiing is your answer. Skiing has actually been around the longest and is probably the most popular winter sport across the globe. There are several different ways of skiing, whether it is downhill, slalom or cross country. You can participate in ski jump competitions as well as perform tricks with the best of them.

Skiing requires quite a bit of equipment compared to other winter sports such as snowboarding. You have to have a set of skis, the poles, bindings and boots. Just like with snowboarding, the cost can accumulate fast and it all depends on what brand, what quality and what technology you are looking for.

Skis come in several different types: alpine skis, all mountain skis, powder skis, just to name a few. When trying to decide what it is that you are looking for in your skis, think about what type of skiing you will be doing. What type of terrain are you planning toski on? Will it be mountains or just slopes or how about the back country? These are all very good questions that you will need to answer before shopping for the right set of skis for you.

Instead of purchasing skis, you can always just rent them at the resort. This can help you to save a lot of money, especially if you are one who will only be using them every once in a while. Plus, the resort will have the right type of skis that you will need for use on their terrain, so there won’t be any questions about that.

When skiing, there are several different slopes that you will be able to take advantage of. We have all heard about the “bunny” slope. This slope is for the people who have no experience with skiing and are willing to learn. There is no shame in visiting the bunny slope because it’s always better to be safe than to be sorry. Once you have mastered the bunny slope, feel free to move on to the next level. Don’t try to skip levels as this can be dangerous for you.

Always practice safety techniques and procedures. With skiing, one of the best safety techniques that you can use is to ski with a partner. You never know what is at the bottom of that hill or right around the corner. What if you crash and hurt yourself? The type of terrain that you could be in could mean the difference between help finding you immediately or being lost for a few days. This is why you always need to have a partner with you. If one of you crash, then the other one can go get help.

Don’t be scared of skiing. Skiing can be a great deal of fun and can be great for the entire family. Make a day of it and take your kids with you.

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Ski Helmets

Ski Helmets

Ski Helmets are becoming the norm for most skiers on the slopes. A few years ago the only people that had a ski helmet on were those you might have regarded as the more extreme or off-piste skiers. Now it is quite the norm to wear a helmet whilst skiing or snowboarding.

A helmet will protect your head from most falls or collisions with other skiers or obstacles. Your head and ultimately your brain are the most important parts of your body to consider protecting from an injury. Damage to your head or brain can have serious injury implications, which in some case can be terminal. Not wearing a helmet while skiing can have some serious effects on your health should you be involved in even the slightest accident and hit your head in some way. The sad death of Natasha Richardson earlier this year is a grim reminder that not wearing a helmet really can have terminal consequences. There are many factors surrounding her death including the length of time it took for her to receive treatment but one thing is for sure, and that is had she been wearing a helmet, the damage to her head and ultimately her brain may not have been so severe. Natasha Richardson is not the only high profile person to die from a head related injury on the slopes. Other well know people in recent years include Sonny Bono and Michael Kennedy.

A report from the US shows that over 7,000 head injuries in a season could have been prevented if a ski helmet was worn. The resort of Aspen has made it compulsory for the 09/10 ski season for all the employees working on the snow to wear a helmet and it is widely predicted that before long it will become compulsory in some places to wear a helmet. There is now plenty of evidence to show that wearing a helmet will reduce the injury that the head may sustain in a ski accident. There is no evidence to suggest that wearing a helmet reduces your vision or impairs your hearing in any way or makes you feel off balance.

Fortunately, helmet wearing is on the increase with latest figures showing that some 48% of adults now wear a helmet whilst skiing with a higher uptake in children and the over 65 age group. The days of wearing a helmet and feeling uncool are fortunately now gone. Wearing a helmet is regarded as the sensible option and amongst younger new entrants to the sport, is regarded in many cases as the norm.

Helmets come in all shapes, sizes and colours now and are made by most of the ski hardware manufacturers along with a number of companies that have made helmets for other sports such as cycling, skateboarding and blading. The design of helmets varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but purpose of the design is to protect the head from most sorts of ski accidents. Designs have now become quite stylish, helmets come in most colours, the most popular being black. Some helmets now have a visor integrated as part of it that will come up or down as required and negate the need for goggles.

Expect to pay around £80 – £100 for a good average helmet made by someone like Uvex who have a very extensive range of ski helmets for men, women and children. If you want top of the range, expect to pay up to £400 for a designer helmet made by a designer company. Companies like Poc make a good range of helmets that sit in the middle of the price range and again, offer all shapes, sizes and colours and some now with a fancy chin / face guard.

A good quality helmet will last many years, so think of the purchase of a helmet as an investment in your safe future.

Booking cheap holidays is not easy – you need to know where to begin! Once you understand the reasons cheap holidays exists it should be easy for you to find one!

Indoor Ski Slopes

Indoor Ski Slopes

Gone are the days of careening down a dry ski slope like a maniac, safe in the knowledge that should you come a cropper, it isn’t just a broken leg or two you’d crawl away with but also a nasty rope burn from the very mesh put down to ensure your speedy descent to a warm hospital bed.

In this day and age we can not only buy bread that requires no knife interaction on our part and baked beans that skip the need for a pan and hob, but we can also cheat nature and make snow. The real stuff (almost), like what falls from the skies.

Whereas in the olden days man was expected to slice his own bread, bake his own beans and in the absence of any ready snow, ski on a dry slope, nowadays he can cruise down a sharp incline, with neither care for his nor anybody else’s safety, on real snow. In the middle of summer. In Dubai!

Indoor ski slopes and ski resorts provide all year round access to that most exhilarating of pastimes, meaning that even when it’s touching 50°C outside (in the case of Dubai) you can ski to your heart’s content inside.

The first indoor ski slope opened in 1987 at Mt Thebarton Snow & Ice, giving the good people of Adelaide, Australia, the chance to experience the thrill of hurtling headfirst down the side of a mountain whenever the fancy took them, without having to travel to the Alpine range on the other side of the country. Since then they have sprung up at various locations across the world, including the UK, France, Japan and South Korea.

So what devilry is it that allows humble man to magic snow from the sky regardless of temperature or roof?

Snow cannons were first developed in the 1950s but weren’t adopted as a commercial venture until the 1970s when ski resorts began using them on their ski trails to improve the quality of the runs and prolong the season. They work by forcing water and compressed air through a nozzle, which combined with the optimum ambient temperatures, creates the snow.

As the technology improved (early uses required reservoirs or lakes to provide the necessary water), the next logical step was to bring the snow cannon indoors to artificially created ski slopes, thus providing the avid ski fanatic, the snowboard enthusiast, the amateur and virgin skier the opportunity to polish their technique at the drop of a ski hat. The temperature controlled environment ensuring a perpetual supply of snow.

As far as setting the bar amongst the indoor ski fraternity, the world’s longest slope can be found at the AlpinCenter in Bottrop, Germany, measuring in at an impressive 640m. The UK’s Chill Factore in Manchester boasts the widest indoor ski slope at 100m.

The latest development in man’s love of the impossible is the indoor ski resort. The experience of a holiday freezing one’s ski poles off on the side of a mountain in notoriously snow-shy locations such as the United Arab Emirates.

Ski Dubai was opened in 2005 and is the world’s largest snowdome, boasting five runs of varying difficulty and an area the equivalent of three football fields. The temperature is kept at -1°C to -2°C throughout the day and goes down to -6°C at night when the snow cannons are unleashed and the slopes replenished. Just like a real ski resort there are chairlifts, tow lifts, freestyle areas, restaurants and even indoor “ski chalets” which, keeping with the theme, overlook the piste, offering views of the ski slopes.

So there it is, living proof that necessity is the mother of invention. Man’s driving compulsion to stare into the abyss and take one step forward, even when there’s no snow at hand, has not only created the indoor ski slope, complete with indoor ski snow, but banished ski-related rope burns to the dustbin of history.

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Ski Transfer – Geneva

Ski Transfer – Geneva

Geneva is the central transportation providing entry to the Swiss Alps for those coming from different parts of the west and for the French-speaking Switzerland. The transportation is extensive. Gare de Cornavin is a train line going to the major cities and other regions. The Geneva Airport is usually the final destination of the Cornavin for those coming anywhere in Switzerland. The French National Railway serves as the International train going to Paris, Barcelona, Nice, Italy, etc. Trams can also be located at the Cornavin train station. Tickets are available at ticket machines before boarding. The tickets are valid for both trams and buses. A Unireso Geneva Transport Card is provided by hotels and other types of accommodation while travelers check-in. This entitles the guest complimentary public transport he can use on trains, trams, and buses.

Geneva gets quite hectic during the ski season. Although a number of international and local rented cars are accessible at the airport, the competition is as steep as the prices. Booking ahead online for a ski transfer Geneva cuts not only the cost but also the hustle and bustle of negotiating to an operator who may not speak your language. French is the official language in Geneva, English comes next. Making arrangements beforehand saves you time and money. You can obtain quotations online from different operators and decide which one fits your budget. Applying online is easy and the email confirmation is fast. Avoid peak season like the holidays when everything becomes really pricey.

Ski transfer Geneva is wide-ranging from taxis to minibuses, from private coaches to helicopter shuttles. Ski transfer Geneva runs daily door-to-door or to designated drop-offs, be it shared or a private service. The vehicles are especially built to withstand snow and imperfect road conditions. They are outfitted with ski racks to accommodate travelers’ ski equipment. There are shared services that run to all resorts en route, suitable for those who are interested to explore the region’s various pistes and have ample time in their hands. Some services require merely picking up passengers and sending one by one off to their accommodation. Others follow a less demanding procedure by designating locations where passengers will be dispatched. For a hassle-free ski transfer Geneva, booking a private service is the appropriate choice. The package includes a fully-equipped vehicle, baby/booster seats for those traveling with a family, gas for the round trip, and a professional driver knowledgeable about the road rules and conditions. Private transfers are a bit costly, but worth every Swiss franc.

Portes du Soleil is one of the world-renowned ski area that embraces thirteen resorts including the Chamonix Mont Blanc in France and the modern Avoriaz. Chamonix offers one of the best ski terrains in the world catering to all types of skills. It is home to various kinds of outdoor activities such as ice climbing, paragliding, rafting, extreme skiing, etc. Conversely, the Avoriaz is in the heart of the ski area. Its altitude contributes greatly to its snow condition, which it is best known for.

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Ski Boot Heaven

Ski Boot Heaven

Here’s an article to start your ski season off early about ski boots and how to get them fitted properly.

Of all the equipment skiing requires ski boots may be the most important. Once you own the right pair of ski boots even an old pair of skis will act totally different (better behaved). The other important issue here is that if your boots don’t fit correctly you can reach a whole new level of being miserable and quickly. One last thing, if you travel, it’s a lot easier to put your boots in a boot bag and haul them along than adding a pair of skis to the luggage. If you are an advanced skier (and you probably are if you’re taking your boots with you :} ) it’s an easy thing to rent demo skis at any area. Demo skis are advanced models and cost a little more but are worth a few extra bucks.

Back to boots… here are a few tips that might help. Ski boot shells… the actual hard shell or outer boot… only come in whole sizes. So a 91/2 is actually a 9 shell. The difference is made up in the liner and the insole. As a result you should be sure you are up as far as you can in the fit as is possible. In my boots for example, I am nearly touching the front of the boot when I stand on a flat surface. When my skis are on I am forward enough to bring my foot back off the front of the boot. Now you may not want to push your fit that far and go for the extra ½ size,  just understand that the more the boot isolates lateral movement in your foot, the more it is doing it’s job. 

Boots made the transition from leather to plastic in the late 60″s, with Lange leading the way. As hard as it was you could break in leather but unless you are a very hard skier, you won’t really break in plastic shells. What you will break in is the flow in the liner of the boot. Flow is a high density foam that usually molds to your foot pretty well. If your boot shop doesn’t do it for you, take your new boots and heat them with a hairdryer… don’t burn them you should be able to put your hand inside to check without burning it. When the liner is good and warm strap, ’em on and simply walk around for 15 minutes with them on. Keep moving so the flow allows for the movement of your feet. You will end up with an immediate fit that otherwise would have taken a day or so of possibly uncomfortable skiing while the warmth of your foot broke down the foam. 

As a last thought, all of us walk a little bowed out or in with our stance. This is known as pronation or supination. The effect on your skiing is that the ski does not lay flat but rather rides up on it’s edge which in turn can cause you all sorts of issues you don’t want. Talk to your ski shop about ways to correct your stance with inserts and your skiing will improve dramatically. 

Have a great season!

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