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Nordic Skiing ? The Four Faces of Cross Country Skiing & Nordic Skiing

Nordic Skiing ? The Four Faces of Cross Country Skiing & Nordic Skiing

One may think that the sport of cross country skiing you slap on some skis and head out your back yard for a day of touring. There is more to the sport than just that. This sport actually has for sub-sports within the discipline. Four types of “free heel” skiing will be describe below. The first, being the most obvious is ski touring aka backyard skiing and recreational touring. The second is performance-based – skate skiing and classic (diagonal stride) skiing. The third is backcountry skiing and the fourth uses telemark skis for the athlete looking to take some turns in deep powder or deep off trail. For those who want to participate in all four disciplines, each discipline requires different ski equipment. Some choose just one type, and others jump in and learn more than one.

Cross country ski touring is by far the most common of the four and is familiar to most Americans. Touring skis are made to use out your back door – in groomed trails or ungroomed trails. The skis themselves can be hot waxed in the tips and tails or just treated with a rub-on wax. The center of the skis, known as the “kick zone” have fish scales that serve to grab the snow allowing you to move forward without sliding backwards (usually). Sometimes the kick zone ices up, and if this happens the ice must be removed, otherwise you will not have any glide to go with the kick! Touring boots and binding are flexible, and are attached only at the toe. The boots should fit the foot well and be comfortable, not pinching in any way. Touring boots come in different qualities. The less expensive quality will be more slipper-like whereas the higher end will extend above the ankle and give a bit more support. Touring ski poles are typically aluminum and should extend to just under the arm pit. The baskets on the poles are typically round and are fairly large to keep the pole from sinking in the snow.

The second cross country ski discipline is geared towards the serious athlete. Many who skate or classic ski train to stay in shape or race. Skate skiing is very popular and a great cardiovascular sport. Classic or striding requires good technique and good kick wax, and is also a great way to get in shape. Usually this discipline takes place on groomed trails, where diagonal stride lanes are created by the groomers, and the skate lanes are even under foot. Without grooming skating or striding can be challenging. Performance based ski gear focus on weight of the gear as well as stiffness for the ski, boot, binding and pole. High end cross country skis get lighter as the quality goes up – ultimately requiring less energy for the athlete to propel him/herself forward. The skate boots and bindings are stiff, which provides greater stability when skating. Poles are light and stiff, with swing weight making a big difference when training and racing. Classic skis are light and thin; poles are also light and stiff, only shorter than skate poles but bindings and boots are more flexible. Remember, the higher end products will result in overall better performance as well as ski experience!

Backcountry skiing is for the person who wants to ski tour, but not necessarily on groomed trails. These skis have a metal edge and are wider than the typical touring ski. This allows for greater turnability as well as stability on the ski. They are also heavier, which helps in stability. Backcountry boots and bindings are beefier than the touring ski, again to allow for greater stability when on snowmobile trails or when breaking trail in the back country.

Telemark skiing is for the athlete that wants to ski the backcountry and have great ability to turn the skis. Typically it is for someone who wants to go deep out of bounds. These skis are really designed to go downhill, only the heel is not attached to the ski. Skins are typically used to ski up the mountain, which effectively serves as a “kick zone” along the entire ski bottoms. These skins are not permanent, and are removed when arriving at the destination – and the skier is ready to go downhill. Telemark skis use a plastic boot, somewhat similar to an alpine boot, only lighter. The binding is beefy and has a strap that runs around the back of the heel. A lease is often used to attach the binding to the boot so the ski is not lost in deep powder. Metal edges and wide berth give the athlete stability and turnability. So when you are ready to start nordic skiing, or just need to upgrade your equipment visit us online at for all your nordic needs.

Cross Country Skiing – To Skate Ski Or To Classic Ski?

Cross Country Skiing – To Skate Ski Or To Classic Ski?
Cross country skiing has evolved into almost two separate sports – one using the skating technique, and the other using the diagonal stride or classic skiing technique. Here at Brian’s Bicycles and Cross Country Skis in Mammoth Lakes California we get the question of whether to buy skate or classic skis when starting out. What’s the difference? And can one package be used for both skating and classic xc skiing?

Most are familiar with the classic xc ski technique or otherwise known as striding. Many just wanting to venture out their back yard choose a touring ski – an all around ski that can be used both in ungroomed and groomed xc trails. These classic skis are wider than a racing ski, and have fish scales that serve to replace kick wax in the area below the foot. This allows the user to propel forward up a hill without sliding backwards, or “missing” a kick. For the more serious athlete race classic xc skis, boots, bindings and poles are much different than the touring ski. The race ski is lighter and thinner than the touring ski equivalent. A classic nordic boot is flexible, allowing the foot to bend as you propel forward. The binding serves mainly to keep the boot on the ski, and offers little stability compared to a skating boot. Ski pole length for the classic technique typically extends to the arm pit. These poles are light, and rigid and are typically made of carbon fiber or the equivalent light material.

Skate skiing xc equipment is very different than the classic nordic equipment. The skate skis are typically shorter than the classic skis, but are also light and thin. Unlike the classic boots, skating boots are extremely rigid and tend to fit the foot snugly. The skating boots extend above the ankle, allowing for greater support when pushing from side to side. The skate binding is also rigid, allowing for greater stability than the classic binding. XC pole length is also longer than the classic pole. Skating poles extend typically to the height of the skiers nose. These poles are also light and rigid.

The cross country ski world does make a “combi” boot than can be used for both classic and skating, but the disadvantage of this boot is that is does neither well. For classic skiing, it tends to be a bit rigid and fairly uncomfortable. For skating, the boot tends to be too soft resulting in a less stable ski.

For the serious cross country skier, separate ski packages for skating and classic skiing is ideal. To answer the question of what to buy first – skate skis or classic skis. Here in Mammoth Lakes California we have seen a general trend of purchasing skate skis first. Skate skiing is faster, more dynamic, and generally a more cardiovascular workout. It is well worth taking a skating lesson if you are a beginner – or even if you are an experienced xc skier – good technique will go a long way. There is nothing wrong with the classic skiing – but it does tend to require greater skill in the technique to become proficient at it. There are some that choose only to skate ski, but this limits the number of ski days available, since on snowy days or after heavy snows classic skiing will be ideal. After heavy snows or on snowy days, skate skiing is cumbersome since the ski tips tend to get caught in the loose powder.

If you are considering purchasing a cross country ski package, visit our online shop at or come into our Mammoth Lakes shop at 3059 Chateau Road. Tel (760) 924-8566. Happy nordic skiing to you!

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Ski Accommodation Austria And The Ecstatic Apres-Ski

Ski Accommodation Austria And The Ecstatic Apres-Ski

Austria is a highly recommended ski destination in Europe following France. The panoramic view, the varied ski terrain, and the cheerful citizens are Austria’s winning attributes. Unquestionably, excellence is what to expect from ski accommodation Austria once you set foot in this country.

St. Anton and Kitzbuhel, the two most popular ski resorts in the whole world, are esteemed not only by Austrians, but also by ski enthusiasts visiting the country. St. Anton has a long stretch of slopes perfect for intermediates and experts for their challenging trails. Kitzbuhel are also known to have the equally tricky ski trails. The slopes and the snow conditions are not hindrance to having a quality time for beginners or non-skiers. They can always enjoy a nice tour to see local attractions from medieval houses to modern architecture. They can dine in restaurants and try exquisite cuisines Austria is known for, or have coffee from a long stretch of fascinating cafes.

Lech is another ski destination popular in Austria. The trails are varied and the pistes are ready at the hotel door. The beautiful Chalet Alpenland is a modern, Tyrolean-inspired chalet. True to the Austrian tradition, part of the service is the meticulous preparation of sumptuous local cuisine to give guests a taste of ski accommodation Austria.

Zell am See is also a well-known ski resort in the country. The popularity comes from the picturesque scenery in winter as well as in summer. The mountains and lakes are marvelous no matter what season. Near the center of the town is the Hotel Badhaus, which is rated as a four-star hotel. It is an old hotel with a modern twist such that the amenities are at par with technology.

Alpbach is an alpine village considered as most beautiful in whole of Europe. The village lies at the heart of Mount Tyrol. It is accessible and provides attractions such as the grand mountain ridges and historical structures. Trails are suitable for beginners and intermediates. Hotel Alphof is nestled at the foot of the Alps. You can admire the mountains from the terrace. It also offers an extensive wellness area for a perfect après-ski activity. The calm ambiance is appropriate for visiting families.

To define ski accommodation Austria, apres-ski cannot be discounted from the scene. Austrians are renowned for their positive disposition and delightful personality. Austrians, more than anyone in the world, love leisure and the nightlife full of dancing and singing. For a wonderful apres-ski experience, Saalbach Hinterglemm is number one on the list travelers should visit. The popular bar is Bauer’s Skialm. Live music and dancing starts at Castello’s and The Arena Disco.

Mayrhofen is another popular après-ski destination, where nights get really wild. The Ice Bar and Nikki’s Schirmbar are people’s choice. A lot of dancing are witnessed in Sports Arena Disco and Schlusselalm.

Ski accommodation Austria is an amalgamation of spectacular snow terrains, beautiful landscapes, outstanding services, and a night full of life and exhilaration.

Best deals for the best accomodation in Austria read travelers review about cheap ski accommodation

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Niseko Pre Skiing Breakfast

Niseko Pre Skiing Breakfast
Attractions of Ski Holidays

In today’s hectic world it is very difficult to find some time out for relaxation. Some people believe that skiing can be an innovative experience altogether. This is because skiing has a lot of adventure associated with it. Depending on the type of skiing you want there are ample options.

The Mammoth Mountain in California can be a very good opportunity for you to hone your skills of skiing. An important reason to this is that you can enjoy skiing in this mountain for a long period of time. It is a magnificent mountain, rising to a height of eleven hundred feet. The mountain is completely a skiable terrain. It has a stretch of powdered snow for almost thirty two feet. And this is one such mountain where you can carry on your skiing right from November till July. In fact the Mammoth Mountain can be a very good option for planning a last minute holiday.

Canada is another favorite choice for the skiers. But if you want to explore the terrains of Canada it is wise that you do the booking in advance. An important reason as to why Canada turns out to be very attractive is that it has a blend of French culture in it. It includes activities like fishing, snowboarding and besides that the bountiful nature is an added advantage. After a tiring day of skiing the best way to rejuvenate is with the tasty French cuisine and drinks.

People for whom skiing is the only motive Utah in USA can be the best option. This place welcomes the adventurous skiers with open arms. The powdery snow cover of this area is very precious for every skier. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the skiing the Utah ski holiday resort can never disappoint you. If you are a novice in skiing the best option for you can be the Colorado. The high altitude, the sunshine can almost mesmerize every skier especially a beginner. If you have been to Colorado once it becomes difficult to resist its attraction.

Some of the other ski resorts of the worlds which go on calling the avid skiers again and again are New England and Vermont. Vermont has become a very special ski resort for the skiers because it has a wonderful scenic beauty all along it.

So if you are tired with running to and fro it is best to go for a ski holiday. The moment you feel the snow beneath your feet you will feel that all your problems have evaporated. The excitement of skiing is immense.

Byron Jonas loves hitting the slopes just as the lifts start taking passengers. Last year he enjoyed his”;>Niseko snowboarding holiday to the fullest. The”;>Niseko Ski Holiday guide really helped him organise his trip perfectly.