Courchevel Skiing – My First Day Skiing

Courchevel Skiing – My First Day Skiing
The sun is shining, the air is crisp and you can see nothing but the snow capped mountains, just another typical day skiing in Courchevel. Most people tend to head straight to Courchevel 1850, as it is the most well-renowned, little do people know that Courchevel 1650 skiing is some of the best in the Three Valleys, in my opinion.

I jump on the Signal chair lift which takes me to the top of Courchevel 1650. As I ski off the lift I am greeted with some of the most spectacular panoramic views of the Courchevel valley. I have lost count of the number of times I have been up the Signal chair lift and down the runs underneath it, yet I have not become tired of them. Its early morning and there are only a handful of other skiers around, I practically have the mountain to myself.

I head towards the red chapelets piste, the snow conditions are faultless, perfectly groomed pistes and just enough powder to sneak off piste. Making the most of these perfect conditions I head straight off piste, the fresh powder covers my skies and I soon become knee deep. There is nothing like skiing in fresh snow, it feels light and fluffy, you glide through, leaving beautiful ski tracks behind you in what was the untouched snow.

As I head up the Chapelets chairlift the sound of excited skiers and boarders fills the valley, I can soon see more keen skiers have had the same idea as me. My tracks are still prominent perfectly symmetrical, with the snow crystals glistening in the sunlight. By the time I get off the lift my tracks are nothing but a distant memory, mixed in with all the other skiers tracks. Fresher powder doesn’t last long, it is almost a fight to find that bit of untouched track for you to leave your mark. Soon it is all gone, the slopes are covered with hundreds of skiers, it was only a few runs of untouched snow and fresh tracks, but it was good whilst it lasted.

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