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Connor Cook is an untested rookie. Brock Osweiler might have a feeling he’s already been here before. The Raiders and Texans square down Saturday in a playoff game that might be called The Quarterback Bowl. As with, both these teams take uncharted roadways making use of their …
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First Ski Holiday In 2011

First Ski Holiday In 2011
The ski season in Europe, the U.S. and Canada is well underway, and millions of skiers will be hitting the slopes – some for the first time – in the next few months.

For people who haven’t been before, the first thing to consider is destination – and there’s plenty of first class ski holiday destinations to choose from.

In Europe one of the best locations for new skiers is Andorra – there’s good ski schools and plenty of slopes that are good for beginner and intermediate skiers to enjoy themselves on.

The most obvious choice for Europeans is France – over half of all ski holidays taken by the British are in France – and the Pyrenees and Alps offer a wide choice of skiing, and price ranges.

For those on a budget the choice used to be Andorra, and Andorra built her reputation as a cheap ski holiday destination in the 1980’s and 90’s, but Andorra has moved upmarket in recent years, spending millions on good hotels and first class skiing facilities in a bid to attract those who might head elsewhere.

The 2011 budget destination is Bulgaria.

In the U.S. and Canada there are, like Europe, a multitude of choices, but the best known ones that have all the facilities a skier would possibly want are:

Lake Louise, Whistler, Banff and Jasper for Canada ski holidays.

And for the U.S. Aspen in Colorado, along with Breckenridge, Lake Tahoe and Vail offer new and established skiers alike a great choice of accommodation and infrastructure.

Along with which destination, another important factor is which company to travel with. Those with experience include Thomson, Thomas Cook, Crystal Ski and First Choice.

Whichever company you choose, and destination you decide upon, if this is your first time we hope you have a good ski holiday – it could become a regular thing!

Novice skiers looking for information about French ski holidays can visit yourandorra.com who include up to date details for 2011 ski holidays

Access to Andorra is often via Barcelona, and the site carries reviews for some of the hotels in Barcelona close to the airport.

Courchevel Skiing – My First Day Skiing

Courchevel Skiing – My First Day Skiing
The sun is shining, the air is crisp and you can see nothing but the snow capped mountains, just another typical day skiing in Courchevel. Most people tend to head straight to Courchevel 1850, as it is the most well-renowned, little do people know that Courchevel 1650 skiing is some of the best in the Three Valleys, in my opinion.

I jump on the Signal chair lift which takes me to the top of Courchevel 1650. As I ski off the lift I am greeted with some of the most spectacular panoramic views of the Courchevel valley. I have lost count of the number of times I have been up the Signal chair lift and down the runs underneath it, yet I have not become tired of them. Its early morning and there are only a handful of other skiers around, I practically have the mountain to myself.

I head towards the red chapelets piste, the snow conditions are faultless, perfectly groomed pistes and just enough powder to sneak off piste. Making the most of these perfect conditions I head straight off piste, the fresh powder covers my skies and I soon become knee deep. There is nothing like skiing in fresh snow, it feels light and fluffy, you glide through, leaving beautiful ski tracks behind you in what was the untouched snow.

As I head up the Chapelets chairlift the sound of excited skiers and boarders fills the valley, I can soon see more keen skiers have had the same idea as me. My tracks are still prominent perfectly symmetrical, with the snow crystals glistening in the sunlight. By the time I get off the lift my tracks are nothing but a distant memory, mixed in with all the other skiers tracks. Fresher powder doesn’t last long, it is almost a fight to find that bit of untouched track for you to leave your mark. Soon it is all gone, the slopes are covered with hundreds of skiers, it was only a few runs of untouched snow and fresh tracks, but it was good whilst it lasted.

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My first skiing

My first skiing

Number of visitors wearing the Spyder outlet jackets as long as the mountains, mountain cable car station red light bulb will be lit, the tourists have to wait to the mountains, until the green light can be turned into mountains.


Many fans are often an uphill ski will be a 3 to 4 days, so the price is divided into a cable car up the mountain to 5 days of the effective fare. If you want to go here skiing, best can arrive early! Otherwise, you probably can’t get tickets, this was not a bit exaggerated!


When I got into the ski resort, the coach took us to the top of the mountain! In the cable car, I saw many skiers jumped from the top, most of the people weared the Spyder jackets that is my most favourite ski wear, the entire body with the skateboard, skis flying like an eagle flying volley just really so beautiful! To the top of the mountain, I came sliding down the vertical board, faster and faster. “Call – call -” the wind blowing in my ear. I can “fly” it!


Just as I was proud, perhaps did not put the focus of stability, a fall, a look at yourself in the hillside, I was about to get up sliding down, and fell over. Then the way I almost always “fall” to go on. Really scratching and scrambling, find any! After my father’s translation, I realized, when the center of gravity in the right leg slip, that is, turn left, center of gravity in the left leg, that is, turn right. I tried, it really much better.


A few days later, under the careful guidance of coach with Spyder, I can freely control the speed gradually, smoothly slide from the top of the foot on it! Against the background of a beautiful snow scene, along with the ski crowd laughter, skiing in Canada is really a pleasure!


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